Innovative cycle design

A revolutionary device
 to fasten disked wheels
on race bikes


Award Eurobike 2021

The FASTEN system won an award at the Eurobike 2021 innovation competition in Freidrichshafen.
Among more than 400 competitors, the FASTEN system was one of the winners of this 2021 edition. .

Why FASTEN is ?

Changing a rear wheel on a bike has always been difficult because of the transmission chain which must be removed and then put back on the last sprocket.
Disk braking is now the new standard on race bikes. Changing rear disked wheels has become even more difficult.
Easy wheel change

FASTEN allows a very fast and simple change of the wheel because the cassette body and the brake disc remain on the bike during the change. The rider leaves the chain on the sprocket he wants to restart easily, it’s not necessary to put it on the last one.
Only a simple wheel can be removed and replaced quickly on the bike, without tools. 

Fast wheel change

Change a rear disked wheel in a few seconds only !

A new standard patented

FASTEN is a new standard where the bearings are not in the wheels but in the frame or in the fork. On the left arm of the frame a bearing is supporting the disc bracket and on the right a bearing is supporting the cassette body bracket.


A single wheel

FASTEN is a very simple wheel without bearing. This unique wheel can be put either in the front or in the rear position. So there is no “front wheel” or “rear wheel” but only a “wheel”.

High technology shapes

“V” shape surfaces forming a dovetail allow hub assembly and power transmission from the brake and chain. With the double inclination of the surfaces, tightening the 3 pieces against each other is not done by using an axle screwing into one of the pieces but by creating an engagement force of the brackets into the hub.
Tripod shape cassette body bracket allows the hub to be inserted without worrying about its rotational position because it will align itself.

Clamping with engagement force

When you screw the knurled nut, it pushes a needle inside the axle and pops out a key which forces the disc and cassette brackets to fit into the "V" dovetail surfaces of the hub. This forced insertion causes the engagement force which tightens the 2 brackets against the hub.

Secure axles

With FASTEN you can’t lose your axle because it can’t fully exit and it always stays on the bike. You don’t have to put your greased axle on the ground and risk getting it dirty.

Free design

FASTEN allows bike manufacturers to design the bike they imagine, like for example with an innovative brake system without worrying about the precise place and dimensions of the disc, or with a special new transmission, only the shape and the dimension of the hub should be respected as a new standard.
FASTEN allows an assembly with a great efficiency.

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